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DSI, a pioneer in the field of data and image management, offers a comprehensive range of tape transcription services for the oil and gas industry. Whether you have a need for straight bit-to-bit tape copies, or your job has complex editing requirements, the seismic group at DSI can handle your request. Utilizing our comprehensive Seis-GenieTM transcription tool, we will quickly and accurately process your job. Quality control is an important and integral part of our transcription process.

We offer services for the following data types:

Seismic processed and demultiplexed data

Apart from making bit-to-bit copies, we can edit your data set, using your specification of filed record or shot-point ranges. We also can edit using x,y coordinates and a polygonal selection criterion.

Taking advantage of the newest SEG format definitions, vintage short record SEGY and SEGD data can be blocked to larger record sizes allowing more efficient use of high capacity drives and media like 3590, DLT, LTO etc. Additionally, we offer support for RODE encapsulation.

Regarding the older, proprietary trace sequential formats, we have the capability to reformat vintage formats like CGG internal, DISCO, Phoenix, Western Code, etc. to SEGY.

Seismic field data

Seismic field data on 9-track tapes in SEGA, SEGB, SEGC or SEGD00 formats can be demultiplexed to SEGY or, optionally, SEGD80 formats. Quality control procedures include in-line plotting of selected shot records. Optionally, bitmap image files can be generated for off-line viewing.

Well log data

Well log tapes in LIS, DLIS, or BIT format can be copied to tape or to disk files using the industry standard Tape Image Format. Optionally, we can reformat the log data to the LAS format.

Our Seis-GenieTM environment will generate “log” information, showing the details of the tape copying process. This information is is used for our internal QC procedure, but can be made available for the benefit of our clients as well. During the copying process, it will also export tape information to a database that can be used for tape label generation or client data base loading.

Media types

Media capabilities include:

  • Exabyte 8mm (8500, Mammoth, Mammoth II)
  • DAT 4mm (DDS1 to 4)
  • 9-track (800, 1600, 3200 and 6250 BPI)
  • StorageTek 18/36-track 4280, 4220, 4980, 4790, 4890, 9490
  • StorageTek SD-3 Redwood
  • 3480, 3490E, 3590
  • DLT-4000/7000/8000, SDLT-220/320
  • StorageTek 9840 Raven, T9940
  • LTO
  • Sony AIT-2

For additional information on our Seismic Data Services, please contact:
Dr. Giancarlo Gaggero at 713.782-7183 or by e-mail at