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Most legacy check archive applications deployed in the '90s use WORM optical storage. Due to the rising cost of managing data stored on aging systems, a growing number of banks are moving to newer archive technology. Because of the long retention time characteristic of check archives, the entire archive contents (check images and metadata) need to be migrated. The newer systems use different storage technologies, hardware platforms, and data archive management applications than the legacy ones, thus making data migration a non-trivial process.

Data Strategies has developed unique tools and processes to perform the off-line migration of checks archived by most legacy systems to newer check archive systems. Our company has successfully migrated billions of checks for a number of financial institutions.

Data Strategies’ off-line conversion services are unique in that they use technologies and processes that do not impact the customer’s day-to-day operations. Using the off-line approach large scale data migrations and conversions are performed in the shortest time and the most cost-effective way. We offer our customers the option of performing the conversion services either on-site or off-site, at our secure facility in Houston, Texas. In the former case, our experienced staff is available to set-up operations and train customer personnel.

Data Strategies’ conversion services have the following characteristics:

  • No disruption or degradation of the on-going production work.
  • Use of cost effective hardware and of our proven software tools and highly scalable processes.
  • Support for the most popular legacy and target check archive systems.
  • Support for virtually all optical and magnetic storage devices and media.
  • Single-pass check (images and metadata) extraction process with simultaneous conversion and optional user specified filter.
  • Efficient QA procedures and complete process audit-trail creation.

The check conversion process encompasses the following phases:

  • Project technical assessment. This is directed to identify all project requirements linked to specific version(s) of the legacy system, check archive configuration, check indexing approach, customer specified filter(s), and any other unique aspect of the conversion project.
  • Customization and optimization of the conversion process based on the above requirements.
  • Reception and inventory of media and any collateral material (e.g. DB reports, etc.).
  • Preprocessing of input media to create a directory of the contents, if not available from another source (e.g. Data base).
  • Concurrent extraction and conversion of check data (images and indexing data) from input media and recording of converted check data onto the output media. The conversion process can include filtering of checks based on customer specified criteria.
  • Delivery to the customer of the output media with converted data and any associated information (e.g. auxiliary files, database, etc.) in the target archive format or a form suitable for importing into the target system.
  • Project management, QA and process auditing.

The current version of the CheckGenie tool supports check data extraction and conversion from any of the following legacy systems: BancTec, ImageSoft, DSI/PDT, CIMS, Jack Henry & Associates, and COF to any of the following target systems: Carreker CIMS, Mobius, Silas Technology, Bisys, and CheckVision. Legacy data can be extracted from production optical platters, back-up optical platters, or back-up magnetic tapes. Converted data can be stored on the magnetic media of customer’s choice. An important feature of our migration tool is the ability to convert images from any popular format to any other format (TIFF, JPEG, IOCA, etc.).

For additional information on our Check Migration Services, please contact:
Dr. Giancarlo Gaggero at 713.782-7183 or by e-mail at