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This module of the MediaGenie Suite supports the following functions:

  • Media cloning. This process will generate a one-to-one copy to the same media type.
  • Media duplication. This process will generate a one-to-one copy to the same or different media (of at least equal capacity), with optional editing (Volser, Dataset name) of the tape label.
  • Media conversion. The data on the tape can be re-blocked and an EBCDIC/ASCII conversion can be realized.
  • Media Stacking. This process, which is only supported for standard label tapes, concatenates a sequence of low-density (or low-capacity) input tapes onto higher density (or higher capacity) output media. Both volume and dataset stacking are supported.
  • Media Compare. This process does a binary compare between two tapes, indicating the position and number of different records found, if any.
  • Media mapping. This process generates a summary overview of the structure of the tape, indicating file marks and, for every file, block sizes and block counts. It can also generate an optional detailed map that includes the display of the contents of all labels.
  • The copy and compare functions are implemented with a double-buffering scheme and overlapped I/O, allowing for high throughput. Both fixed block-size and variable block-size tapes are supported.

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