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Press Releases | Wednesday, December 27, 2017

IMR Alchemy migration with OCR into ASG ViewDirect for California based supermarket


HOUSTON, TX, December 27, 2017 – DSI is pleased to announce the successful completion of the extraction process of the documents and indexes from an IMR Alchemy v8.3 archive hosted under Windows 2003 for ingestion into ASG's ViewDirect. The extraction was done locally from Data Strategies' secure facility in Houston, TX

Client’s Alchemy archive consisted of:
• Organized folders with consistently named documents with properly named index values. These are the structured documents.
• An unstructured multi-level directory hierarchy with unstructured document names without named indexes.

We then executed the following strategy:
• DSI exported the documents stored in Alchemy in exactly the same folder structure on disk as the virtual folder structure that was defined in the Alchemy databases.
• Structured documents, together with associated index values were prepared for batch-loading into ViewDirect.
• The remaining unstructured image documents on disk were converted to PDF and were OCRed.

The full-text index, together with the already familiar folder structure was provided to client with similar functionality as in Alchemy for accessing the unstructured documents. Total of 25,603 folders and 586,400 files with a cumulative size of 776GB were extracted.

For further information about Data Strategies' document archive migration services, please contact:

Yash Havalimane
Phone: (713) 782.7183

Dr. Giancarlo Gaggero
Phone: +39 339 489.4760