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Press Releases | Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Large Backup Data migration from Netbackup to NetWorker for Major Saudi Bank


HOUSTON, TX, March 8, 2017 – DSI is pleased to announce the completion of a backup data migration from Netbackup to Networker for a bank in Saudi Arabia.

The customer was maintaining a large archive of nearly 400 LTO-5 cartridges with sensitive backup data under Symantec NetBackup. As part of the customer’s strategy to standardize on EMC hardware and software, the contents of the NetBackup tapes needed to be migrated to Dell EMC’s NetWorker platform. Data Strategies performed the migration task working closely with Dell EMC and the end client’s staff.

Backup data consisted of Unix file systems and application backups created through agents for Oracle and Sybase. All unexpired data on NetBackup LTO-5 tapes were migrated to NetWorker and stored on LTO-5 cartridges.

Data Strategies installed its off-line migration hardware platform at the Customer’s data center in Saudi Arabia and used its proprietary MediaGenie Proteus software suite for:
• Extracting (with on-the-fly de-multiplexing) NetBackup session fragments from the LTO-5 tapes;
• Restoring individual sessions to virtual clients;
• Creating NetWorker save sets on LTO-5 media.

Key Points for this Project:
• Petabyte scale migration with around 150K backup images.
• With this large-scale data transfer, the possibility of client network overload was mitigated by segregating internal data transfers to our own dedicated network.
• Target save sets were arranged by Expiry date and Data type, thereby enabling the Media to expire by date.

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