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Press Releases | Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hummingbird DM /MaxRetriever


HOUSTON, TX, June 21, 2016 -- DSI, LLC. today reported on the completion of a document archive migration project from Hummingbird DM /MaxRetriever.

The customer, the central bank of a Latin American country, had been using Hummingbird DM (aka Open Text eDOCS)under Windows for archiving scanned images and reports related to its operations. The reports are handled by DM using a MaxRetriever ‘plug-in’, which processes multiple source documents into large COLD storage objects. Both native DM objects and COLD objects were archived on UDO optical platters, using Legato DiskXtender.

At the customer’s location, the optical platters were copied to platter image files, using a DSI PlatterImage Genie workstation. We also received backup copies of the DM SQL databases. All further processing was done at DSI’s secure location in Houston TX, generating some 60 million document files.

A particular requirement for this project was the conversion of the extracted report documents (ASCII text) to PDF. Page Size, line spacing and character spacing are defined in the MaxRetriever configuration files, but, we needed to use an adaptive algorithm for the page size in order to account for deviations in the actual record length and line count as encountered in the documents.

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