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Press Releases | Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Datawatch BDS Migration for Major Chemical Company


HOUSTON, TX, February 4, 2014 -- DSI, LLC. today reported on the completion of a document archive migration project from Datawatch BDS to an Open Text / IXOS document management solution.

The customer, an international chemical company, had been using Datawatch BDS (formerly known as INSCI COINS, COINSERV or ESP+Archive) for archiving invoices in ASCII text format.

Since BDS was no longer supported, the decision was made to migrate documents to an IXOS solution that the customer already had in place.

The project involved the generation of optical platter images at the customer's location, which were shipped on an encrypted hard disk to Data Strategies’ secure facility in Houston, TX. The UNIX version of BDS, in use by our customer, doesn't use a relational database, but rather stores indexes in proprietary-format files, which were parsed and loaded into our SQL migration database. Some 13 million invoices were extracted and delivered together with index information, in encrypted and compressed tar files, per the customer's specification.

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