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Press Releases | Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Westbrook File Magic migration for Major University


HOUSTON, TX, May 7, 2013 -- DSI, LLC. today reported on the completion of a document archive migration project from Westbrook File Magic to ColumbiaSoft Document Locator.

The customer, a major US university, had been using Westbrook’s FileMagic document management system for archiving a variety of scanned images related to foreign students and scholars. A large percentage of the documents were annotated. The legacy system was hosted on a Windows server, using magnetic disk storage for document archival.

Since File Magic was no longer supported, the decision was made to migrate documents to the university’s newly acquired Document Locator system.

The migration was performed remotely on Customer supplied workstations using Data Strategies’ proven off-line document migration platform. The customer supplied a backup copy of the legacy SQL database and a copy of the File Magic archive directory. Some 500,000 scanned images with a total size of 80 GByte were extracted from the legacy system and delivered to the customer on a network share.

Many of the scanned documents had poorly recognizable hand written text and key elements had been overdrawn with the freehand tool. A particular requirement of this migration was that these annotations (as well as Sticky Notes, Highlights, etc) could be accurately migrated to the target system. To accomplish this, all legacy scanned documents were converted to multi-page PDF files and the legacy annotations were superimposed as regular PDF annotations with pixel perfect positioning.

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