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Press Releases | Wednesday, August 15, 2012

UNIX Backup Tape Restores for Major Film Studio


HOUSTON, TX, August 15, 2012 -- DSI, LLC. today reported on the completion of a project to restore different types of vintage UNIX backup tapes.

The customer, a major computer animation film studio, had been using UNIX workstations in the late nineties for its groundbreaking CGI animation work. These workstations and servers were backed up to DLT-IV tapes using the available file system dump utilities, xfsdump (Silicon Graphics) and ufsdump (SunOS and others). Additionally, a number of the servers and workstations had been backed up under NetBackup.

In the first phase, Data Strategies used its proprietary MediaGenie Proteus application to catalog the tapes on the session and fragment (level). Using the fragment level information, media files were extracted from tape and written to staging disk. Multiplexed NetBackup media files were demultiplexed on-the-fly. In a subsequent stage, the backed-up file systems where restored from the fragment files on staging disk. This multi-stage approach effectively decouples the reading of the tapes from the actual restores. It provides better control over the process, especially for vintage tapes that are not always perfectly readable, and results in the most complete restored result.

All data was delivered to the customer on high capacity SATA disks with the Linux ext2 file system.


MediaGenie Proteus is a proven off-line backup tape migration software suite with the following functionality: Generation of session level and file level catalogs from backup media; non-native restoring from backup tapes; selective data migration (backup data splitting) based on customer specified criteria; session cloning to higher capacity media and data migration from legacy backup formats to new backup formats (products). Specific support for backups of NAS filers such as NetApp, EMC Celerra, EMC Isilon, etc.

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