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Press Releases | Sunday, April 15, 2012

NDMP Backup Tape Restores for Major Animation Studio


HOUSTON, TX, April 15, 2012 -- DSI, LLC. today reported on the completion of a project to restore multiple flavors of NDMP backup tapes.

The customer, a major animation studio, was using NetBackup for data protection and data archival for their NetApp and EMC Isilon NAS storage systems. In order to be prepared for future disaster recovery, a set of test backup tapes was selected for restoral in a scenario where NetApp or Isilon filers would not be available as restore targets.

This highlights a particular issue with NDMP backups, in the sense that while the NDMP protocol assures the interoperability between the backup software and NAS Filers of various makes, the format of the filer-generated backup stream is not part of the standard and is generally incompatible between different manufacturers.

Data Strategies was provided with the client’s LTO-4 backup tapes and, using its proprietary MediaGenie Proteus application, generated a session level catalog, so that the NDMP backup sessions could be identified. In the next phase, again using Proteus, fragment files where extracted from tape and passed to a corresponding utility program that restored the corresponding file systems to disk.

All data was delivered on the customer on high capacity SATA disks with a file system as determined by the original backup source selection.


MediaGenie Proteus is a proven off-line backup tape migration software suite with the following functionality: Generation of session level and file level catalogs from backup media; non-native restoring from backup tapes; selective data migration (backup data splitting) based on customer specified criteria; session cloning to higher capacity media and data migration from legacy backup formats to new backup formats (products). Specific support for backups of NAS filers such as NetApp, EMC Celerra, EMC Isilon, etc.

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