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Press Releases | Thursday, July 21, 2011

TASC-COLD Data Migration For Major US Investment Bank


HOUSTON, TX, July 21, 2011 -- DSI, LLC. today reported on the completion of a TASC-COLD document archive migration project.

The customer, a major US investment bank, had been using Adesso TASC-COLD (aka Anacomp docHarbor) for managing its reports, customer state­ments and a variety of other documents in Linedata, AFP and PDF formats. The legacy system was running on an IBM AIX server, utilizing AMASS and 5.25" optical libraries for document archival.

Data Strategies worked closely with Westerville, OH based Results Engineer­ing, who was responsible for implementing and configuring the customer's new Hyland OnBase Online (OBOL) archive, so as to define mappings for report names and indexes between the legacy and target archive. For facilitating the ingestion of the legacy reports into OBOL, Data Strategies converted all EB­CDIC linedata to ASCII and all AFP spoolfiles to PDF. All document indexes were delivered in an OnBase specific format.

The migration was performed at Data Strategies’ secure facility in Houston, TX using its proven off-line document migration platform. The project in­volved processing from customer generated optical platter images as well as processing from customer supplied backup platters. Some 50 million docu­ments with a total size of 6 TByte were extracted and delivered to OBOL on encrypted USB harddrives.

A particular requirement for this conversion was the accurate conversion of the AFP reports to Adobe PDF while minimizing output size. This was accom­plished by extracting the font mapping information from the legacy TASC database and generating PDF documents using only standard Adobe fonts.

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