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Press Releases | Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Exchange mailboxes restore from HP Data Protector Backup Tapes


HOUSTON, TX, May 17, 2011 -- DSI, LLC. today reported on the completion of a project to restore Exchange mailboxes from HP Data Protector Backup tapes.

The end user, a major US confectionary company, was facing possible litigation and needed to restore a number of mailboxes from its HP Data Protector backup tapes. Data Strategies was contracted for this service, because of its capabilities to non-natively restore data from Data Protector backup tapes, both for file systems backups and agents based backups, aka HP OpenView Storage Data Protector Integrations.

Data Strategies was provided with a set of Data Protector catalog backup tapes and a subset of the e-mail server backup tapes. In cooperation with the customer, e-mail servers and data store names were identified and Data Strategies’ proprietary MediaGenie Proteus application was used to extract datastores and log files from tape. A 3rd party MS Exchange utility was used to extract the required mailboxes from the offline datastores.


MediaGenie Proteus is a proven off-line backup tape migration software suite with the following functionality: Generation of session level and file level catalogs from backup media; non-native restoring from backup tapes; selective data migration (backup data splitting) based on customer specified criteria; session cloning to higher capacity media and data migration from legacy backup formats to new backup formats (products).

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