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Press Releases | Sunday, April 3, 2011

Data Strategies restores crucial Exploration and Production data from Libyan Backup Tapes


HOUSTON, TX, April 3, 2011 -- DSI, LLC. today reported on the completion of a project to restore all backup data from a client's data center in Libya.

The customer, a major US oil company, had flown out all of its disaster recovery backup tapes when hostilities began near its offices in Libya. The customer had been using Legato Networker for data protection for its UNIX and Windows servers, as well as for its NetApp filer.

Data Strategies was provided with all LTO-3 backup tapes and a disk copy of the Networker mminfo catalog. Data Strategies’ proprietary MediaGenie Proteus application was used to import the catalog and, using one pass over the tapes, to extract all multiplexed backup fragments to staging disk for subsequent processing. At each target platform (Windows, UNIX), fragment files were combined to regenerate the original backup stream, and restored to the corresponding file system (NTFS, UFS). The NDMP fragment files where recombined and restored a on a NetApp filer, which was leased from our partner ZeroWait (

All data was delivered on the customer on high capacity SATA disks and moved to servers at the company's Houston headquarters, so that their teams of geoscientists could resume exploring for oil & gas.


MediaGenie Proteus is a proven off-line backup tape migration software suite with the following functionality: Generation of session level and file level catalogs from backup media; non-native restoring from backup tapes; selective data migration (backup data splitting) based on customer specified criteria; session cloning to higher capacity media and data migration from legacy backup formats to new backup formats (products).

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