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Press Releases | Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Backup Tape Data Separation Project


HOUSTON, TX, October 26, 2010 -- DSI, LLC. today reported on the completion of a project aimed at selectively migrating backup sessions from NetBackup backup tapes.

The customer, a major US insurance company, had been using Symantec NetBackup for data protection. When one of its business units was acquired by a third party, the need existed to provide the new owner with backup tapes only containing data pertaining to the particular business unit.

Data Strategies was provided with all relevant LTO-2 backup tapes and a list of backup client names that pertained to the new business unit. The migration was performed, using Data Strategies’ proprietary MediaGenie Proteus Tool, and a fully automated process where first all source backup tapes were cataloged on the session/fragment level, second fragment files belonging to the desired backup clients were extracted from tape to staging disk storage, and finally written to new NetBackup format tapes.

MediaGenie Proteus is a proven off-line backup tape migration software suite with the following functionality: Generation of session level and file level catalogs from backup media; non-native restoring from backup tapes; selective data migration (backup data splitting) based on customer specified criteria; session cloning to higher capacity media and data migration from legacy backup formats to new backup formats (products).

The advantage for the client, as compared to using in-house resources, is three-fold since 1) the off-line migration process doesn’t make use of the client’s servers, tape libraries or personnel, 2) is functionally identical to NetBackup’s session clone feature (bpduplicate) and 3) offers higher throughput, advanced process control, and superior QA and QC associated with a dedicated, optimized migration software suite

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