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Press Releases | Tuesday, April 20, 2010

AS400 Data Migration For Dutch Insurance Company


HOUSTON, TX, April 20, 2010 -- DSI, LLC. today reported on the completion of a project aimed at extracting archived reports and images data from two legacy IBM Content Archives.

The customer, a major Dutch insurance company, had been using IBM Visual Info for managing scanned images (TIFF, IOCA) and Content Manager OnDemand for managing SCS and AFP spool files as well as PDF documents. Both systems were running on an iSeries host, utilizing 3995 optical libraries for document storage.

For ingestion into the customer's new EMC Documentum target archive, all documents needed to be converted to PDF and delivered with the associated indexing information.

The migration was performed using Data Strategies' proven off-line document migration process and platform. The project involved the generation of optical platter images at the customer's location in The Netherlands and the subsequent extraction and conversion of some 8 million CMOD segments and half a million of multi-page image files to PDF at Data Strategies’ secure facility in Houston, TX. Index values were extracted from the legacy AS400 application database tables.

A particular requirement for this conversion was the accurate conversion of the AFP reports to Adobe PDF. This was accomplished by 1) the extraction of AFP resources (fonts, overlays, page segments) from the iSeries resource libraries and 2) conversion of the AFP fonts to Adobe type 1 fonts that were embedded in the PDF files.

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