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Press Releases | Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Data Strategies Offers Next-Gen Data Archiving in the Cloud Using Micro Focus Enterprise Cloud Services


Mountain View, CA, March 9, 2010 — Micro Focus® (LSE.MCRO.L), the leading provider of enterprise application modernization, testing and management solutions, today announced DSI LLC., a provider of data migration services, has selected Micro Focus Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) to help customers capitalize on the benefits of cloud computing.

With the addition of Micro Focus ECS to its new Data Migration Service for Mainframe Migration (DMSFMM), Data Strategies is now able to quickly and easily migrate the data that is of critical importance to its customers off of mainframe-based tape archives and into the cloud. Moving to a cloud-based platform enables Data Strategies customers to eliminate costs associated with traditional mainframes, while also saving on a variety of other fees connected with conventional tape storage infrastructure.

While most companies have a wealth of metadata that does not need to be accessed on a regular basis, many of Data Strategies’ customers must archive this inactive data for regulatory and compliance reasons. DMSFMM with Micro Focus ECS allows Data Strategies’ customers to port both active and inactive data to the cloud where they will experience improved time-to-application deployment and low initial investment costs.

“Our customers know they can rely on Data Strategies for superior support in the migration of tape archives off the mainframe and onto midrange platforms at a low cost and risk,” said Giancarlo Gaggero, CEO, Data Strategies. “Micro Focus Enterprise Cloud Services gives our platform the extra layer of functionality needed to reliably extend our portfolio. In a space that is becoming increasingly crowded, Micro Focus offered us a solution that not only complemented our existing technology, but also provided a vendor-agnostic approach to cloud computing. Our customers can now migrate to the cloud for data archival no matter which platforms they are using. Working with Micro Focus allows us to now deliver our customers a robust cloud migration solution.”

Gartner predicts that by 2013, 50% of organizations with more than 1,000 employees will move 80% of their archived data to the cloud. Furthermore, they assert that adoption of cloud archiving by large enterprises will occur beginning in 2010.[1] Both Micro Focus and Data Strategies recognize the need to supply customers with a robust cloud offering. Micro Focus ECS has enabled Data Strategies to expand market share and offer more flexible pricing models.

“At Micro Focus, we’re committed to helping our customers modernize their existing IT systems in a number of different ways. Cloud computing is a great option for companies looking to reduce IT budgets and can be implemented incrementally to mitigate risk,” said Mark Haynie, CTO, application modernization, Micro Focus. "We are excited to be able to work with Data Strategies on such an innovative solution and look forward to supporting them and their customers as they transition to a flexible, scalable cloud environment.”

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[1] John Monroe, Pushan Rinnen, Sheila Child, Adam W. Couture, Valdis Filks, Stanley Zaffos (December 14, 2009. Predicts 2010: New Technologies and Service Delivery Models Will Transform the Storage Markets. Gartner.