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Press Releases | Friday, December 18, 2009

TASC-COLD Data Migration Project Completed


HOUSTON, TX, December 18, 2009 -- DSI, LLC. today reported on the completion of a project aimed at migrating a legacy TASC-COLD (also known as Anacomp DocHarbor) document archive to the customer’s new long-term repository.

The legacy data to be migrated consisted of digital documents in AFP format stored on hard disk. The legacy archive stored indexes and other metadata in an Oracle v9.0 on database.

The project involved the extraction of over 15 million documents with associated indexing metadata and their conversion to the format required by the target archive. The migration was performed using Data Strategies' proven off-line document migration process and platform.

DSI leveraged its specific experience with extraction and conversion of documents from the TASC legacy archives to other document archive systems (including ASG ViewDirect, IBM OnDemand, etc.).

A particular requirement for this project was the transformation of the byte offsets in the original index tables into a page offset in the extracted spool files, which was accomplished by Data Strategies’ AFP parser module.

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