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Press Releases | Monday, October 5, 2009

Major Check Image Archive Migration Completed


HOUSTON, TX, October 5, 2009 -- DSI, LLC. today announced the successful completion of another major check image archive migration project.

A global financial services company was created in 2007 with the merger between two banks rich in history. The new bank needed to ensure it had the ongoing capability to easily and cost-effectively archive and retrieve on demand check images while eliminating redundant systems.

The bank searched for a solutions provider that had a solid track record and could deliver an end-to-end solution. Data Strategies was chosen because of its superior proprietary data migration technology and extensive experience in performing complex large-scale conversions for the banking and financial industry.

The engagement required Data Strategies to convert 2.8 billion checks (5.6 billion images) and associated metadata stored on a legacy Carreker’s CIMS archive system to the Silas Technologies’ IMC Archive.

The legacy archive data was stored on magnetic tapes (577 T-3490E, 1,797 T-9840B, and 359 T-9840C cartridges) and amounted to over 84 Terabytes.

All check images, (IOCA/ABIC and TIFF/G4 format), extracted from the legacy archive media were converted to the format used by the IMC archive, sorted in accordance with target archive requirements, and stored onto 1,475 T-9840C cartridges under the ASM for zOS control.

As part of the migration process, Data Strategies also corrected the account numbers that were duplicated between the legacy and the target archive, reformatted specified groups of account numbers, and created ASM Index files for the target system.

The converted data didn’t require any ingestion effort since it was ready to be inserted into the customer’s automated high-capacity tape libraries and to become part of the IMC archive.

All data migration services provided by Data Strategies are performed off-line with no impact on the client's valuable resources. Significant benefits are delivered by eliminating the need for any customer floor space, the use of customer personnel, CPU cycles, and peripheral devices.

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