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Press Releases | Monday, August 31, 2009

Data Migration Services for Mainframe Modernization


HOUSTON, TX, August 31, 2009 -- DSI, LLC. today announced that it has expanded its offerings of data migration services by adding DATA MIGRATION SERVICES FOR MAINFRAME MODERNIZATION.

Many vendors such as HP/EDS, Micro Focus, Microsoft, Accenture, and CSC offer Mainframe Migration services which move mainframe applications to midrange platforms by either emulating the mainframe applications on the midrange or rewriting them using new technologies such as .Net or JEE.

Many such projects involve large amounts of legacy data on tape and other non-disk media. Generally the modernization vendors will migrate the active data, which consists of databases and VSAM, themselves. However, the analysis and migration of tape archives has its own set of special issues, not the least of which is the fact they are often huge - in the order of tens or hundreds of terabytes. For this reason several vendors have approached Data Strategies to perform the analysis and migration to midrange platforms of data stored on magnetic tape and other data storage media.

Data Strategies’ migration process starts with the analysis of the System Catalog and the TMS data (database files or reports) to determine, with the help of the customer, which data is truly archive data that must be migrated. Data Strategies will then migrate the mainframe data from tapes in two possible ways: dataset migration or data volume migration.

Dataset migration consists of converting datasets (on tapes) to files which reside on the midrange platform. EBDCIC to ASCII data conversion, as well as other more complex format conversions, can be performed if desired.

Data volume migration consists of creating virtual tapes, (AWS files), that can be read later by Data Strategies’ utilities. Optional data compression can be applied often yielding dramatic storage savings.

All the metadata, (both volume and dataset level information), from the Catalog and TMS is preserved in the Migrated Archive Database and is available so that the migrated data can be accessed for compliance using attributes such as date of creation, creating job or application, date of last access, etc.

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