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Press Releases | Sunday, February 1, 2009

Several Document Migration Projects Completed in 2008


HOUSTON, TX, February 1, 2009 -- DSI, LLC. today reported on several document migration services, involving IBM Content Manager, Legato AppXtender, and INSCI Datawatch legacy document archive systems, delivered in the second half of 2008.

IBM Content Manager Data Migration Project

This project, performed for a major Bank, consisted in the migration of IBM Content Manager data from optical platters to a media format easy to import into EMC Documentum.

The overall services included the extraction of over 4.5 million documents stored on IBM 3995 optical platters in IBM Content Manager 7.2 on OS/390 OAM. The total size of the compressed data was approximately 1 TB and was stored on 240 mostly 5.2 GB WORM platters.
The content was primarily in TIFF format (99%) with a small percentage of documents in PDF and XML/Text format (1%). For each extracted document an SHA-1 hash was created and delivered to the client together with the extracted documents for QA purpose.
The service, performed at the Customer’s site in Tennessee using Data Strategies’ staff, software and equipment, was completed in less than week.

Legato AppXtender Data Migration Project

This service, performed for a major financial institution, consisted in the extraction of TIFF and BMP images together with Excel files, (approximately 600 Gbytes), archived in AppXtender format on disk storage and their conversion to a common TIFF format suitable for ingestion into the Customer’s new target Imaging system. The service also covered the migration of any available metadata present in the legacy archive’s database.

The data migration service was performed at the Customer’s site in Pennsylvania, using Data Strategies’ off-line data migration process, software and equipment.

Datawatch (Insci) Data Migration Project

The scope of this project, performed for a premier investment firm offering full-service investment banking, securities brokerage, wealth and asset management, was to extract computer documents archived on Hard Disk storage by Datawatch (Insci) Archive and convert both document data and associated annotations to a format suitable for import into an ASG/Mobius ViewDirect archive system.

The quantity of compressed data to be converted consisted of: 700 Gbytes of Text documents, 900 Gbytes of PDF documents, and 400 Gbytes of TIFF image documents.

The Datawatch archive used a MS-SQL 2000 database to manage the archived data and associated indices and annotations. The database was provided together with the repository data for use during the migration.

The data migration service was performed at Data Strategies’ secure facility located in Houston, Texas. In order to meet data protection requirements, all data (legacy and converted) was transported between the Customer’s data center and our facility on encrypted hard disks.

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