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Press Releases | Monday, January 28, 2008

Backup Data Migration Project Completed in Q4/07


HOUSTON, TX, Jan. 28, 2008 -- DSI, LLC. today announced that it has successfully completed its largest backup data migration project to date.

Our customer, a major software company, was maintaining a large archive of over 12,000 DLT-IV cartridges with sensitive enterprise data under Legato Networker. Because of the company’s internal security policy, this data could no longer be stored offsite without encryption. The scope of this project was to migrate all unexpired backup sessions to LTO-3 media in NetBackup 5.1 format, using Decru Datafort for encryption. All information on the target media and in the corresponding catalog needed to match the information on the source backup tapes, regarding client name, backup type (full/incr), file path, timestamps, and expiration date.

The migration process used by Data Strategies consisted of four sequential steps, each under control of MediaGenie Proteus: Extraction and demultiplexing of backup fragments from DLT-IV tapes, restoring of savesets to virtual clients, (re)backing up of clients to NetBackup disk storage units, and writing to encrypted LTO3 tape. When writing to tape, client names, file paths, and backup timestamps are added and/or edited on the fly to match the original ones.

The migration process achieved the high throughput required by the size of the project by using the unique technology developed by our company that allows multiple concurrent data migration streams. In this instance, we used three data migration streams, each processing four source tapes in parallel and creating encrypted LTO-3 tapes.

The proprietary MediaGenie Proteus software tool, used in this project, allowed the completion of the project, involving over 600 TeraBytes of data, in less than four months. MediaGenie Proteus is highly scalable and supports a broad spectrum of off-line Backup Data Migration services based on the same “non-invasive” technology and unique processes that characterize all our offerings.

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