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Press Releases | Friday, September 29, 2006

New Backup Data Migration Tools Deployed


HOUSTON, TX, September 29, 2006 -- DSI, LLC. today reported the successful deployment of its new generation of Backup Data Migration tools in connection with a 250 Terabyte data migration job.

The proprietary MediaGenie Proteus software tool is the results of a focused effort by Data Strategies aimed at developing a high-performance and cost effective process for large-scale migration of backup data across media technologies, hardware platforms, and software products. MediaGenie Proteus already supports the most popular backup software products, including NetBackup, BackupExec, NetWorker, ArcServ, NtBackup, etc.

MediaGenie Proteus is highly scalable and supports a broad spectrum of off-line Backup Data Migration services based on the same “non-invasive” technology and unique processes that characterize all our offerings.

These services include: production of backup data catalogues from media created by legacy applications; extracting data from vintage backup tapes whose format or media type are no longer supported by customer’s infrastructure; selective data migration (backup data splitting) based on customer specified criteria; backup data consolidation using higher capacity media; data migration from a legacy backup format (product) to a new backup format (product).

MediaGenie Proteus implements a start-to-end, comprehensive approach to off-line backup data migration. This starts with the ability to absorb (pre-process) backup catalog data and media management data from backup servers or, alternatively, to recreate catalog and media data from the backup media itself. It continues with the ability to map, extract, split, compose, convert, and edit backup data at various levels (volume, session/save-set, fragment/file, etc.), independently of the source or target backup software. It ends with the ability to create not only the new target media, but also the ‘auxiliary’ data needed to create or update the target backup server catalog and media management database.

Since our approach bypasses the ‘expensive’ process of restoring and backing-up again the data to be migrated, and operates completely off-line, we can offer the fastest and most cost-effective backup data migration services.

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