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Press Releases | Monday, January 30, 2006

More Data Migration Services Delivered in 2005


HOUSTON, TX, January 30, 2006 -- DSI, LLC. today reported on a number of large data migration services delivered in the last half of 2005.

The first project, performed for a leading provider of document management solutions, successfully migrated the contents of a legacy ESP COIN archive (over 600Gb of Metacode reports stored on optical platters) to Mobius ViewDirect document management archive. Data Strategies' data migration process delivered the converted reports on a disk-array ready for ingestion into the target system.

The second project, started in October 2005, consists in the migration of over 1.4 billion money orders (front and back images plus metadata) from a legacy Banctec archive to a new Carreker image archive. This conversion is performed using Data Strategies' proven off-line check migration process and platform. Over 40 Terabytes of images and metadata are converted.

The third project, started in November 2005, consists in the migration of the contents of a legacy document archive (DocHarbor) to the Mobius ViewDirect document management system. This process involves the extraction of over 480 million documents (Line-data, AFP, and PDF) for a total of 8.5 TeraBytes and their conversion to the format needed for ingestion into the target archive. The source media (5.25" optical WORM platters) was processed in our secure Houston facility and the converted data was delivered to the Customer on high capacity tapes.

In addition to successfully performing these projects, Data Strategies has expanded its data migration capabilities by adding Berillian COLD and AXSP COOL to the list of document archives supported by the company’s DocumentGenie migration tools. An additional check image archive, NCR’s ImageMark, was added to the list of products supported by the CheckGenie migration tools.

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