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Press Releases | Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Data Strategies Expands Data Migration Capabilities


HOUSTON, TX, July 28, 2004 -- DSI, LLC. today announced that it has further expanded its data migration capabilities by adding several new document archive products to the already impressive list of products supported by its DocumentGenie migration tools.

The new data migration capabilities cover the following widely popular product families:

  • Microbank Stor/QM

  • INSCI Coinserv

  • IBM OnDemand (HPC compression)

  • HelpSystems Robot Reports

  • OTG ColdXtender and ReportXtender

  • Eastman Imaging

DSI, LLC. has over 15 years of experience with media conversion and data migration services. The company has developed unique tools and processes to perform the migration of text and image documents archived by most legacy systems to newer document archive systems.

Newer systems use different storage technologies, hardware platforms, and data archive management applications than the legacy ones, thus making data migration a non-trivial process.

The company’s off-line conversion services are unique in that they use technologies and processes that do not impact the client’s day-to-day operations. Our off-line approach allows us to perform large-scale data migrations and conversions in the shortest time and the most cost effective way.

For additional information or for requesting a quote please contact:

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